This 35-page booklet searches for and finds answers
to the timing of this ancient holy day of Israel.  There
are possibly more perspectives on this subject than
most when considering only the timing aspect.
Why Atonement?
What You Should Know About the Passover!
This is a 190-page book that delves into the subject of
when the Passover was kept in the Old Testament and
how the scriptures are to be reconciled in the New
Testament to the Old Testament timing.  Even if you
have never been concerned with whether you should
observe Passover, you will see many new perspectives in
this book about the Bible that you have never thought of
before.  Questions that have troubled the scholars for
centuries are probed and answers are found in this work.

We have added a contents page so anyone studying the
Passover can find the various subjects of controversy
more easily for deeper study.
When Did the Crucifixion and Resurrection Occur?
This is a 72-page book that probes the timing of the
Crucifixion and the Resurrection.  The views of two
scholars that differ on the conclusion are presented and
discussed in the light of the Bible from the perspective of
the writer.  Don’t assume that you know the answer to
this question until you have read and studied this book!
Holy Days
This 30-page article explains why we keep
Atonement.  Further it explains who the two goats
represent and delves into the ancient past concerning
the origin of the two personalities the goats
represent.  Expect a provocative read!