Numbers 33:3

Domestic Sacrifices?  

“Between The Evenings”

"Evenings & “Between The Two Evenings”

Two Charts Diagramming The Day

The Day The Quail Came!  

“At Even” or “In the Evening”?  

On the 14th <or> On the 15th   

The Passover Changes


The Samaritans, The Sadducees, The Karaite Jews


To Boil Or To Roast?  

The “Lighting” of The Tabernacle Lamps

Spring & Fall Festival Comparisons

Spoiling The EgyptiansSpoiling The Egyptians

Egyptians Burying Their DeadEgyptians Burying
Their Dead

Deuteronomy 16

What Is The Importance of Passover?  

Can We Trust The Jews?

Septuagint Quotes

Herbert W. Armstrong

Figures of Speech

Is “between the evenings” Literal?  

The “Waw” Theory

Selfsame Day!  

When Is Evening – Biblically?  

Evening – Afternoon

Rites & Ceremonies of the 14th  

General Versus Specific Words

Why Did The Israelites Travel On A Holyday?  

Elijah & “Between The Two Evenings”

Passover Kept Between The Two Evenings?  

Israelites <Left> <Departed> or <Brought Out Of>

At Twilight – In Twilight?  

Did The Israelites Leave Egypt At Night?  

A Series of Arguments

History – Old & New Testaments

Passover In The New Testament

The Festival of Passover

The “First Day” of Unleavened Bread

Coordinating Luke 22:1 & 22:7

Preparations For The Passover

I May Eat The Passover

“At Your House”

Another Perspective

When The Hour Had Come

The Messiah’s Desire To Eat The Passover

The Messiah Desired the Impossible

When Did The Last Supper Take Place?  

Conversation During the Evening

Judas’ Betrayal

Coordinating the Betrayal Accounts

After Judas Had Gone Out

The Last Supper Was On The 13th of Nisan!  

1Corinthians 11:17-34

Why the Bread and Wine Should be Taken More Often
Than the Passover

Should We Use Leavened or Unleavened Bread When
Taking the Bread and Wine at Other Occasions Than
the Days of Unleavened Bread?

Should Children & Unconverted People Take the
Bread & Wine?  

A Few Comments About The Passover Format

Passover Feast Format

Should We Keep the Lord’s Supper on The 13th, 14th,
or 15th?  

Should We Use The Hebrew Calendar Today?  

Evening In The Afternoon (New Testament)

Luke 24:21 Explained

The Christian Passover by Fred R. Coulter

Review of Certain Points  
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