The Two Natures in the Heir of Promise
This book introduces the reader to the Adamic Nature of the
physical man and the God Nature in those whom God has given
His holy spirit.  The true Christian has both of these natures
and they war with one another in order to bring the man into
perfection.  This book explains how God produces Sons of God.  
It further explains what we must do to inherit eternal life.  The
process is fascinating.
Tithing for Today!
This 35-page booklet discusses the subject of tithing from
perspectives that most readers will not have even heard
about.  Whether the reader belongs to an organization or is
independent in his worship of God, he cannot help but find
information here that will cause him to think.
The Covenant
This 25-page booklet covers what the New Covenant is all
about.  The Covenant is the focus for our being.  A nation can
produce a great society only when the covenant is its central
This 53-page booklet goes into the subject of faith in depth.  
The Messiah asked whether there would be any faith when He
returned to the earth.  We can never know too much about
The Trinity
This 24-page booklet probes different aspects of this subject,
which is not supposed to be understandable.  The reader
should expect a provocative article.
This 40-page booklet probes how the Christ and the
sacrifices of the Old Testament relate.  Were the sacrifices
of Israel independent of the Christ, or did they have meaning
in the life and death of the Messiah?
The Messiah In the Old Covenant Sacrifices