By Juan R. Rains
Malachi was probably the last prophet that God sent to Israel
before the coming of John the Baptist to announce the entrance of
the Messiah as the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of
the world.  Certainly, he is the last prophet who wrote down
information that is included in the Old Testament Cannon.  The
meaning of Malachi is “My Messenger”; and not only was Malachi
God’s messenger, but in his book, Malachi tells of another
messenger who would prepare the way of the Messiah.

Malachi wrote his prophecy about 397BC, according to Clarke’s
Commentary.  The message of the book is very important for us to
understand today, just as it was for the people at the time of its
writing – but in some cases for different reasons.  The people of
Israel had lost faith in God’s covenant with them and a large share
of the blame was on the shoulders of the priests.  For the priests
were to keep the hopes and dreams of the covenant alive in the
hearts of the people and they had neglected their duties in this

Because of this neglect, the people were not supporting God’s
ministry monetarily and the priests as well as the people were
turning their backs on the doctrines that were peculiar to God’s
people.  Therefore, there was a time of purification ahead when
God would send the Messiah to open up to the people the truth so
clearly as to astonish.  The temple worship would be totally upset
and destroyed, for man is to worship God in spirit and truth.  The
priests would no longer come between the people and their God.  

There would be a messenger to announce and prepare the way for
the Messiah.  The Messiah would then proclaim a New Covenant
with the people.  Moreover, unless this happened, there would be no
reason to continue with the human experience and God would
destroy the earth.  In other words, God would scrap His plan for
man’s salvation unless the Messiah came and saved the people from
their sins.

Malachi taught that this messenger would be an Elijah type prophet
who would prepare the way for the Messiah.  The Jews still look for
Elijah to come and prepare the way for the first coming of the
Messiah because they misunderstand that He has already come.  
Furthermore, some of God’s people, in these last days look for
another “Elijah” to come before the return of the Messiah.  Does
the book of Malachi support the doctrine of another Elijah in our
immediate future?  These studies reveal information not readily
available on this subject of “An Elijah to come” from other
sources.  As a subject is best understood by examining the context
of its setting, it was thought best to do a commentary on the entire
book of Malachi to see if the aforementioned information was
totally supportable.  Are we to look for another “Elijah”?  We will
examine that premise in the light of the Book of Malachi.

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