In A Woman Rides the Beast, Dave Hunt informs us how the
Roman Catholic Church evolved into the mystery of iniquity.  One
could hardly read his book without understanding the subject of
the book’s title.  

A Woman Rides the Beast is an important read for the church
today simply because many have never known this truth about
this subject.  In other words, many in the church today know
nothing of the nature of the Roman Church – past or present.
Woman Rides the Beast
is a fresh modern work, easy to read and
comprehend; and it includes atrocities that have occurred in our
lifetime that continue to identify the “Woman”.

The author is impeccable in his focus on the woman riding the
beast.  Hunt covers so many different perspectives of the
“Woman” and develops them to the point that no one should walk
away from this book misunderstanding who the “Woman” is.  

We should note a difficulty in that part of Hunt’s writing where
he preaches the gospel of Eternal Security.  Hunt bemoans the
fact that “Catholicism is a counterfeit Christianity which in some
respects so closely resembles the truth that, unless a clear
distinction is made, one presents “the positive Gospel of Jesus
Christ” in vain”.  

However, with a proper understanding of the true gospel, Hunt
would comprehend that the distinction is so great between it and
the religion of the “Woman” that one should not experience any
confusion whatsoever.  The truth is that once the Protestants got
free of Rome, they decided they wanted the truth no more than
Rome.  They loved many of the traditions of Mother Church and
continued their embrace of them.  

What Hunt fails to recognize is that the primary doctrine of
Eternal Security identifies the daughters of Mother Church.

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY,

In other words, Eternal Security is the major doctrine upon which
Protestantism rests.  Take away Eternal Security and there is
little real difference between Catholicism and Protestantism.  In
order to get the balance, read our review of
Primitive Christianity
in Crisis, then get that book, and read it.

Eternal Security is a false doctrine based on a limited
understanding of the sacrifices in the Old Covenant, which point
to Christ.  One should read our book on
The Old Covenant
Sacrifices to understand why Eternal Security is a false doctrine.  
If Eternal Security is correct, there is no reason for the human
experience.  The doctrine of Eternal Security narrows its
resources to only one sin sacrifice – that burned outside the
camp.  There were other sin-sacrifices in the Old Covenant,
which pictured Christ’s sacrifice besides the one burned outside
the camp.  One must understand the different sin-sacrifices in
order to get the whole picture and process of salvation.

Although we conclude that Dave Hunt’s book is an important
read, one should keep in mind that because of his doctrine of
Eternal Security he is really the kettle calling the pot black in
those areas where he preaches his gospel.  In other words, Hunt
embraces one false gospel while divulging the face of another
false gospel.  We will accept his exposure of the “Woman” while
rejecting his false gospel of Eternal Security.

The doctrine of Eternal Security blocks the very process of
salvation.  Read our book,
The Two Natures to understand the
process that God uses to turn sinners into Sons of God.

Another difficulty in Hunt’s book is that he consigns all loyal
Catholics to hell.  In other words, Hunt considers them as lost to
salvation.  It is obvious that Hunt believes in the doctrine that
“Today is the only day of salvation”.  This is a sad doctrine taught
even in certain organizations of the true church today.  If this
doctrine were true, then over 95 percent of those alive today – or
that have ever lived – are lost to all goodness: In other words, if
today is the only day of salvation, Satan is victorious over God!  
However, the bible tells us that God can save – but that He is
using an orderly system to do so.

Isaiah 59:1  Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot
save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

1Corinthians 15:23 But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits;
afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.

The bible gives us adequate information so that we can
understand that: Today is NOT the only day of salvation.  Be sure
to read
The Last Great Day.  The false doctrine that God’s plan
for each person is complete when he dies is the cause of much
needless sorrow and pointing of the finger on the part of those
who do not fully understand God’s design for man.  The doctrine
of “Today is the only day of salvation” also encourages
compromises with the truth by some because they realize the
ridiculousness of such an idea, if one accepts it at face value.  
Rather than accept the inventions of man, why not accept the
bible for what it says: God has an orderly plan for bringing the
vast majority of humanity into the God Kingdom.

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