Primitive Christianity
In Crisis
By Alan Knight
Primitive Christianity In Crisis, by Alan Knight takes us back six
hundred years before Christ to explain how Satan tried to get
the jump on true Christianity even before it existed.  He explains
how Satan tried to spawn the Mystery of Lawlessness in the
early years of the apostolic church.  

Knight reveals how the leaders of the reformation embraced
many ideas of Gnosticism such as Eternal Security,
Predestination, and Going beyond the Teachings of Christ, which
developed into another Gospel.   Moreover, Knight gives us
insight concerning the evolution of the Gnostic doctrine of
Docetism into the modern doctrine of Dispensationalism.  The
author also exposes Protestantism for its Antinomianism.

If you do not mind getting into the details of a subject, I suggest
this book as an important read.  If you find yourself confused
about who makes up the true Church of God, I suggest this book
as a must read.  

The major downside to this book is the writer’s seeming concept
that “Today is the only day of Salvation”. This idea threads the
book from beginning to end and gives a modus operandi for the
crisis mentioned in the title of the book.  The writer does not set
out to prove this doctrine; he just takes it for granted.  Please
The Last Great Day.

To offset the doctrine of Docetism explained in Primitive
Christianity in Crisis, please read our book,
The Two Natures.  It
will show that Christ did indeed have two natures but from a
different perspective and for a different reason than that taught
by the Docetists.  
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Alan Knight
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Antioch, CA 94531
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