Spring & Fall Festival Comparison
Some early 14th Passover advocates have justified their doctrine with an indication that
the Spring Festival mirrors the Fall Festival of eight days.  However, there is a major
difference between the eight days of Passover and the eight days of Tabernacles.  In the
fall, the first day is a Holyday, and the eighth day, which is a different celebration, is a
Holyday.  In the spring, the l4th of Nisan – when the lamb was slain – was not a Holy Day.  
Therefore, the first of the eight days is not a Holyday in the spring.  The first day of the
seven days in the spring festival is a Holy Day and the seventh day of the seven days is a
Holy Day.  If the l4th of Nisan were a Holy Day, then we would have a mirror comparison,
providing of course that the first of the seven was not a Holy Day – that is hardly the
case.  The l4th of Nisan is only a preparation day for what follows in the Spring Festival.  
If we include the preparation day in the Fall Festival, then the Fall Festival really has nine
days, not eight!  So there is really no comparison at all!  Spring-Fall comparisons should
not give an early 14th Passover advocate any solace, for there is no proof there at all.