Coordinating Luke 22:1 & 22:7
In verse 1 of chapter 22, Luke says that Passover was approaching.  One could
understand this in the broader definition of the word <Passover>.  It would be correct to
say that the time Luke is referring to in verse 1 was before the 10th of Nisan, before the
Passover Season had actually begun.  However, beginning with verse 7, the Season of
Passover or the Season of Unleavened Bread had arrived, as the Season of Passover
began – in greater earnest – with the 10th of Nisan, in the larger sense – for this was the
day preparation for the Passover Season began.  In other words, verse 7 would be after
the 10th had arrived, minimally.  Part of our problem in the past has been that we
constricted the word Passover to mean the evening when we ate the bread and drank the
wine.  However, that is not the limit of the definitions for this word.