"Between the Evenings"
The bible mentions “between the evenings” 11 times in the Old Testament.  
Regrettably, the KJV translators chose to translate this Hebrew phrase as “in the
evening” one time and “at even” ten times – ignoring the Hebrew !yBe (between).  You
will find “Between the evenings” in the following verses of scripture:
¨        (5 times)  Referring to the Passover Sacrifice
Exodus 12.6
Leviticus 23.5
Numbers 9.3, 5, 11
¨        (4 times)  Referring to the Daily Evening Sacrifice
Exodus 29.39, 41
Numbers 28.4, 8
¨          (1 time)  Referring to the coming of the Quail
Exodus 16.12
(1 time)  Referring to the "Lighting" of the Tabernacle  
Exodus 30.8
It should be noted that the Hebrew ~yIB;r>[;h' !yBe is literally, “between the evenings.  
The preposition, between, suggests that there are two evenings.  If we speak of more
than two, <among> is the appropriate preposition.  Therefore, the common rendering of
this Hebrew term is “between the two evenings”.  Later we will show that we cannot
understand the term literally – it is an idiom of the Hebrew Language.